bullysbehaven-about-usStill inspired by the dogs we love a decade later

Bullys Behaven began with a special kind of love from a hurting Pit Bull rescued from a local shelter. Inspired by his unconditional love and determination, we promised to make sure everyone we met understood just how incredible and misunderstood this breed is.

Through the love of our playful and devoted Pit Bull, our passion to help the underdog grew to include dogs who have picked up bad habits, developed aggressive tendencies or simply never been given the opportunity to develop into the healthy, physiologically grounded pets they deserve to be. Our life’s work is now the rehabilitation of dogs that are exasperating their families or on the path to being abandoned, or even euthanized.

The first and last call for problem dogs

Today Bullys Behaven is the first call for “rescuers” defending dogs that have gotten a raw deal… and often, the last call for dog owners at their wits end. We work with a dozen shelters and rescue groups across New Jersey and New York, actively devoting our time and services whenever and wherever they are needed.

With a decade of dog Behavior Modification, Obedience Training and Aggressive Dog Training experience behind us, we have earned a reputation throughout New Jersey for saving troubled dogs that other trainers cannot or will not treat. Saving the “unsavable” is more than a vocation for us— it’s a passion.

Mike is known throughout the Tri-State Area as the “Aggressive Dog Whisperer.”

Mike Maione: Certified Master Dog Behaviorist,  Aggression Specialist

Mike Maoine is a Certified Master Dog Behaviorist and Aggression Specialist with close to 10 years of experience ranging from family dog obedience training to rehabilitating abused and broken dogs. Mike has worked with some of the most extreme types of aggressive dogs, including those used for fighting and those with chronic aggression attack issues.

Mike has worked with every breed of dog over the last decade and is considered an expert in working with bully breeds and “unsavable” dogs. His experience includes advanced Obedience Training, Behavior Modification and Aggressive Dog Training. Mike has worked with tracking teams, police departments, animal control officers and many other canine professionals. When it comes to aggressive dogs, Mike is known throughout the Tri-State Area as the Dog Whisperer.

  Mike’s experience includes:

  • Aggressive Dog Training Specialist
  • Behavioral Profiler-Trainer at  5 Central New Jersey animal shelters
  • Aggressive Dog Trainer for 7 last chance New Jersey rescue groups
  • Active advocate for Pit Bulls and other bully breeds
  • Member, Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Continued education through seminars and reading

NJ Dog Trainer APDT

Our mission

Our mission is to educate and empower dog owners of all breeds.  By combining the proper amount of leadership, consistency and patience on a daily basis, we are returning just some of the unconditional love that our loyal companions give us every day.


Central New Jersey. Serving New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

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