Bullys Behaven Training for Aggressive Dogs

bullys behaven nj dog trainer2Aggressive Dog Training is a specialized area that very few trainers excel in. It is one of the many reasons Bullys Behaven is known as the last resort for frustrated dog owners. When other Dog Behaviorists give up, we’re just getting started.

Whether your dog is biting, attacking or seemingly out of control— don’t give up. We’ve been saving aggressive dogs with the most unimaginable backgrounds for almost a decade, and we can rehabilitate your dog too.

Aggression is one of the most complex behavioral issues

A dog who perceives herself as high in status may show aggression toward family members.  This is why a dog might be perfectly trustworthy with one adult, but react aggressively toward another adult or children in the family.

It is also one of the primary reasons that a dog who growls or guards should never be underestimated. Far too often seemingly harmless or defensive habits develop into aggressive behavior like snarling, nipping or showing teeth.

Ignored bad behavior can quickly escalate into aggressive behavior.

There’s no reason to live with aggression

An aggressive response is usually provoked by things that a dog perceives as threatening or unpleasant, such as:

  • Holding the dog back from something he wants
  • Taking food away
  • Trimming the dog’s nails
  • Taking away chew bone, toy or stolen object
  • Disturbing the dog while she’s sleeping
  • Physically moving the dog while he’s resting
  • Hugging or kissing the dog
  • Bending or reaching over the dog
  • Manipulating the dog into a submissive posture (a down or a belly-up position)
  • Lifting or trying to pick up the dog
  • Grooming, bathing, toweling or wiping the dog’s face
  • Touching the dog’s ears or feet
  • Verbally scolding the dog
  • Jerking or pulling on the dog’s leash, handling her collar or putting on a harness
  • Threatening the dog with a pointed finger or rolled-up newspaper
  • Hitting or trying to hit the dog
  • Going through a door at same time as the dog or bumping into the dog

There’s no reason to live with a dog’s behavior issues. It’s uncomfortable for you and unhealthy for your dog. We can help you solve these behavior problems once and for all so your family life can get back to normal. Let us help you get the loving dog back that you lost to bad behavior somewhere along the way.

Call us today at 732-947-1176 or email us to schedule your dog behavior assessment and start enjoying time with your best friend again.