The special dogs that started it all

hector apache

Meet Apache, Hector, and our gem of a lady, Riley.  With the adoption of Apache, I met a fantastic group of devoted volunteers at a special place called Rescue Ridge.  At the time, Rescue Ridge had no place to call their own.  They were shuffling dogs around from one kennel to another, wherever there was room to fit “just one more.”

Somehow, this small group of  dedicated souls managed to take one dog after the next from death row to the front row, of a cozy place to sleep and a loving home.
How we wondered?  How is it that shelters across the state are filled to the brim with dogs who are biding their time to euthanasia and just can’t seem to find a home, but here, this fairly unknown rescue group is bringing so much joy to so many families?

I quickly became a volunteer, watching and listening…to proud dog owners who returned just to say “thanks again,” “our family is now complete,” “we don’t remember what life was like before this dog,” and most impressively, “are you sure our dog really had all those issues?” Yes they did!

I watched some of the most unfriendly, uncontrollable, ferocious dogs of all sizes and breeds become transformed, and ready to be adopted within a matter of weeks.  I knew that being part of this process was my calling.

There’s been no clearer message in my life than the one that brings me this opportunity to continue saving dogs’ lives and teaching owners how to improve the bond they have with their companions.

Yours truly,
Michael Maione

Visit the Rescue Ridge website or their Petfinder page to see all their adoptable pets.  Go ahead, take a look!


Puppy mills breed misery and keep puppy stores in business.  PLEASE ADOPT.  There are thousands waiting to wag their tail…just for you!