Bullys Behaven Obedience Training

mike maoine njWith Obedience Training your dog learns that a certain sound or gesture indicates he should respond in a certain way.  Typical commands include: heel, sit, stay, down and drop it. While some of these commands are entertaining, they serve a more important purpose, helping your dog to center himself and understand what is expected of him.

Bullys Behaven Obedience Training will help your dog psychologically and and emotionally, as well as help to build strong bonds with family members.


Why using treats alone will backfire

We do not use “positive reinforcement” in its pure form for a very important reason known to every seasoned Dog Behaviorist— because it causes confusion for the dog. Achieving long term results is difficult, if not impossible to do, by simply ignoring unwanted behavior, and rewarding the desired behavior. A dog’s mind simply doesn’t work that way.

Training dogs with treats is also extremely limiting on many levels. One example is if a dog becomes frightened. No animal will take food in a fearful or stressed state of mind. Further, If the dog is startled by a loud noise, goes to the Vet, thunderstorms erupt, or if he panics for any reason—and doesn’t have a good basic training foundation—the end result could be disastrous.

To the Positive Reinforcement/Treat trainers words like abuse, fear, cruel, and corporal punishment mean the same as a correction. These terms are taken completely out of context in an attempt to validate their own methodology. This is blatant fraudulent propaganda.

Correcting a behavior, either by natural means (i.e. a person touching a thorn on a rose stem), or by training one’s dog to stop leash pulling,  is not abusive, cruel, or a form of corporal punishment. It is simply CAUSE and EFFECT. Cause and effect is a natural part of the learning process in all animals, humans and dogs.

Our goal is to leave you with a healthy, well-adjusted dog who has a strong sense of boundaries and knows his role in your family unit, rather than a performer who simply knows a few obedience commands.

CAUSE and EFFECT is a natural part of the learning process in all animals.

Bullys Behaven One-on-One Personalized Obedience Training

After completing a full interview and assessment Mike Maoine will tailor a custom Obedience Training Plan for your dog. Whether your goals include teaching your dog manners, patience or leash control and commands, you will have a crystal clear picture of what will happen when and how. You may be surprised to start seeing results even after the first session. This program will also include behavior modification that may address issues like-intensity behavioral issues like: mouthing, jumping, counter surfing or nipping.

The initial 1.5 hour session includes a consultation, assessment, and hands-on training session with you and your dog. Follow-up obedience training sessions run from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on how much your dog will tolerate and include refinement and reinforcement, plus correction of specific issues.

In-Home Training  Includes a full 90-minute session, within 15 mile radius of Jackson, NJ. Home visits requiring additional travel are subject to a surcharge.

Bullys Behaven Phone Consultations

Discuss any behavioral issues or questions you may have over the phone.

Phone Consultation   Minimal fee for in-depth behavior discussion and analysis.

Call us today at 732-947-1176 or email us to schedule your dog behavior assessment and start enjoying time with your best friend again.