A play on words, Bullys Behaven dog training is where leadership equals love.  We are seriously committed to being that haven of help for dog owners who are at their wits end.

Basic Obedience is a great foundation, but what about the times when “sit” and “stay” are the least of your problems?

Meet Mike Maione, Master Dog Behaviorist

Meet the trainer you call when all the others have failed. Mike Maione is the Tri-State authority for owners at the end of their rope. He has reformed and rehabilitated dogs that others have given up on or written off.

Like the bully breeds he loves, Mike never gives up. For many he is their last chance trainer.

Mike Maione is the trainer’s trainer. He’s the one you call when everyone else says “no.”


Problems we help fix every day

• Aggression • Biting People • Lunging & Jumping
• Food Guarding • Growling • Snapping
• Baring Teeth • Destructive Behavior • Excessive Barking
• Charging Door • Mounting • Dominance
• Protecting • Excitability • Leash Reactivity


Call us today at 732-947-1176 or email us to schedule your dog behavior assessment and start enjoying time with your best friend again.